My project focus on, but it is necessary to introduce another system a little bit----IBM RPG4. IBM I SERIES, OR WE SAID AS400 before, it is also very powerful in online managemnet. If you want to know developing a Web-Sphere message queue application to pass data between AS400’s and a mainframe, please start by reading here  

关于酒店管理软件,还可以用IBM I 系列。请看看别人的介绍---I have spent 2 years developing and maintaining various system applications utilizing IBM’s iseries systems. My duties have included a wide range of tasks from programming and designing complex applications, departmental management to offering contract services, under my own company letterhead with fortune 500 companies. As an AS400 consultant, my career also involved hardware sales and training services for the midrange 400 class.

 My continuing education, throughout my career has been tailored around support for many types of industries, using AS400 network methodologies with emphasis using RPGLE and RPGIV program development. HARDWARE IBM midrange: iseries AS400, Sys38,Sys36,Sys34,Sys3, PC Networks SOFTWARE Languages: RPG/ILE, RPGIV, RPGIII, CLP, DDS, LANSA, AS400’s SQL SEU SDA DFU DB2 QUERY, COBOL, FORTRAN IV, ALC, EASYTREVE As a full time Analyst, I wrote and controlled project tracking applications as well as designed and wrote customized programs for many different applications. I designed AR and AP data model applications to convert data into the JDE One World environment. Heavy system security, strong system control rules and change management tools were used to meet auditing control requirement.

Also, I am an electrician, so I would like to introduce something about the electrical system in HotelThe fundamental objective of hostel electrical design is to provide a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient,

and attractive environment for living, working, and enjoyment. The electrical design must satisfy these criteria if it is to be successful.

The systems, equipment, and facilities that must be provided to satisfy functional requirements will vary with the type of facility, but will generally include some or all of the following:

Building electric service.Power distribution system.Lighting Interior and exterior, both utilitarian and decorative; task and general lighting. Communications Telephone, facsimile, telegraph,

satellite link, building-to-building communications (including microwave, computer link, radio, closed-circuit television, code call, public address, paging, fiber optic and electronic intercommunication,

pneumatic tube, doctors’ and nurses’ call, teleconferencing), and a variety of other signal systems. Fire alarm systems Fire pumps and sprinklers, smoke and Fire detection, alarm systems,

and emergency public address systems. Transportation: Elevators, moving stairways, dumbwaiters, and moving walkways. Space conditioning: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. 

Sanitation: Garbage and rubbish storage, recycling, compaction, and removal; incinerators; sewage handling; and document shredders and pulpers. Plumbing: Hot and cold water systems and water treatment facilities.

Security watchmen, burglar alarms, electronic access systems, and closed-circuit surveillance television.Business machines: Typewriters, computers, calculators, reproduction machines, and word processors.

Refrigeration equipment.Food handling, catering, dining facilities, and food preparation facilities.Maintenance facilities.Lightning protection.Automated building control systems.Entertainment facilities and specialized audiovisual systems.

Medical facilities.Recreational facilities.Legally required and optional standby/emergency power and peak-shaving systems.Signing, signaling, and traffic control systems; parking control systems including automated parking systems.